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pharmaceutical market research: frequently asked questions

1. Can I return a report for a refund if I don't like it?
2. What guarantee's do you give as to the quality of the research?
3. What is a PDF?
4. If I buy a report can I share it with other members of my team?
5. I know the publisher of the report I want to buy...why should I buy from CMSinfo
6. When will my report be delivered?

1. Can I return a report for a refund if I don't like it?

Due to the easily transferable nature of the information products, you will find that all research houses maintain a "no returns" policy - without exception!.

Except for CMSinfo, which is why you can buy with total confidence.

We will, of course, work with you to ensure that a report or research service will meet your needs before you place an order, and there's a Table of Contents and sample pages available for all products listed. CMSinfo staff are available to answer your questions - for a prompt response send an e-mail now.

But when you buy your market research from CMSinfo, you are covered by two unique guarantees:

1. should you buy a report which you are not happy with, you are covered by our unique guarantee

2. The CMSinfo Price Pledge ensures that if you buy from CMSinfo and then find the same publication cheaper somewhere else online or direct from the authoring research house, we will refund the difference. This is our unique, no-quibble guarantee!. Subject, of course, to you providing proof of the lower offer.

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2. What guarantee do you give as to the quality of the research?

At the end-of-the-day, you are the 'market expert' and you need to know what it is that you are looking for. Having said that, we sell a great deal of this material, and have a pretty good feel for which research solutions will be right for you. It is a question of horses-for-courses, so if budgets are tight we can suggest cost-effective alternatives which may not have all the whistles-and-bells, but which will have the data you need for your business plan. We are also aware of the smaller, more niche research houses which may not have a well-known brand name behind them, but have a high level of expertise in their specific market niche. So we will work with you to find a product or solution that will give you what you need; from a source that you can trust; and at a price you can afford. However, as a provider of third party content CMSinfo can not take responsibility for either the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information of the data provided, and whilst CMSinfo strives to ensure the high level of quality expected by its' customers through a publisher monitoring process, we can't make any guarantees, or warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the services and information provided by the said third parties and disclaim all warranties, either expressed or implied.

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3. What is a PDF?

Invented by Adobe Systems and perfected over 15-years, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) allows the capture and viewing of robust information - on any computer system - and the sharing of it with anyone else with a computer. This makes it an ideal medium for the publication of market research reports which often contain detailed charts and tables, but also means that these complex documents can then be easily and quickly transmitted via e-mail to however needs the research. Most of the services listed on this site are supplied as a PDF attachment to an e-mail. To read the file we send you, you will need an appropriate reader, and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat is available for downloaded

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4. If I buy a report can I share it with other members of my team?

Think of this rather like you would Microsoft software: you can buy the software to be run on a single machine; or you can buy a 10-user licence; or you can have an agreement that allows you to install it on any machine that belongs to the company anywhere in the world.

Likewise with market research, and particularly research distributed electronically, a single-user licence allows the individual concerned to read the publication, and to access the Online Subscriber Archive if available. They can also print a copy out for ersonal use.

What you cannot do with a single-user licence is forward the report to colleagues or share it on an Intranet or similar.

If there is a team who will mneeds access to the report, then you either need to specify the number of users, or possibly consider a Corporate Licence, which would then allow the research to be available to everyone in the Company who has access to your Intranet.

So the question you need to answer is who many people in your organization will be needing access to the research on a regular basis.

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5. I know the publisher of the report I want to buy...why should I buy from CMSinfo

Four simple reasons: We uniquely guarantee our offering (see 1. above). Secondly, CMSinfo represents the single largest collection of telecom and IT market intelligence on the Web today. Thirdly, with over twenty years of experience, CMSinfo consistently maintains the shortest turnaround time for customer inquiries in the industry, generally satisfying your research needs completely within 24-hours. Finally, quality assurance. In a rigorous process CMSinfo does its best to ensure the quality of all publications offered by carefully reviewing each and every client publisher's background, publications and industry reputation to maintain the level of quality that our clients demand. CMSinfo also reviews customer satisfaction on a regular basis to ensure that the level of quality remains consistent over time. If you can't see a publisher or publication on this Website, there could be a very good reason!

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6. When will my report be delivered?

Items purchased for on-line delivery are normally available as soon as your order is processed. Items that are e-mailed to you by the publisher or purchased are normally delivered within 2-3 hours. First-time buyers will be contacted within 24-hours to verify your details prior to shipping your first purchase. If you make your first purchase over a weekend or holiday, you will be contacted the following business day.

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7. Who is CMSinfo?

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8.How much extra am I paying for publications bought through CMSinfo as opposed to direct from the publisher?

Absolutely nothing. CMSinfo maintains a strict policy of selling publications at the same price offered by the content providers themselves. See our Price Pledge.

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